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Video Analytics

Vanguard video analytics, or intelligent video analytics, is software that is used to monitor video streams in near real-time. While monitoring the videos, the software identifies attributes, events or patterns of specific behavior via video analysis of monitored environments. Video analysis software also generates automatic alerts and can facilitate forensic analysis of historical data to identify trends, patterns and incidents.

The software enables its users to analyze, organize and share any insight gained from the data to make smarter, better decisions. It can promote enhanced coordination across and within agencies and organizations. Its applications are widespread, including monitoring vehicle patterns or violations of traffic laws, or people entering restricted areas during defined time frames. The data can then be sorted by time and date or over an extended time period to create a trend analysis.

A simple function of video analytics is motion detection with a fixed background. More technical functions can include ego-motion estimation (the 3D motion of a camera within an environment) and video tracking. From here can come identification (such as a specific vehicle—worst case scenario one in an Amber Alert) and behavior analysis. The technology used to accomplish video analytics include sensors, cameras, image compression techniques and connectivity techniques.

The data derived from video analytics is designed to produce actionable intelligence to help enable city or infrastructure planners, law enforcement, or even managers and administrators to understand and respond to current situations. Other industries that have used video analytics applications also include education, transportation, banking and financial institutions, law enforcements, security agencies, military and government industries.

Intelligence Video Analytics uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of video. It digitally analyzes video inputs; transforming them into intelligent data which help in taking decisions.