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Security Scanners

Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers different types of security scanning solutions including X-Ray scanners.

The technology, based on ferromagnetic detection can be thought of as ferrous only metal detection. The large majority of items of interest e.g. knives, cell phones, guns etc., contain significant amounts of ferrous material. The technology is entirely passive and so presents no health and safety issues to any subject being scanned.

The Dual Energy Security Baggage X-Ray Scanner System is an ideal solution for inspection of handbags and small baggage within the limited space & unequipped inspection area, ideally for airport checkpoint, embassies, hotels, and government buildings.

The TR360 search pole scanner is perfect for scanning large numbers of individuals at a wide range of events and occasions e.g. public buildings, public events, licensed premises and schools. Its portability, ease of use and reliability provides control and flexibility whatever the venue. It can be used indoors and outdoors and can be set up by one person in less than a minute and is powered either by battery or mains. It does not require level ground and will operate on any static surface.