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Security solutions for government entities, buildings, offices, agencies and facilities, Vanguard Integrated Solutions has a long history of providing solutions to meet all categories of government, law enforcement and military security needs. Our integrated government security solutions employ access control, attendance management, personal tracking and visitor management, intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems, integrated video surveillance systems, panic devices and fire and life safety solutions to help agencies streamline and enhance security operations.

The result is simplified administration and management of security systems, with increased situational awareness throughout all areas including design and installation of government-related security, fire and life safety and video surveillance solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics and Video Surveillance Solutions, utilizes computer software programs and platforms that analyze the audio and images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize and identify humans, vehicles, objects, movements and any suspicious events.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly proliferating around the world. Startling developments keep emerging, from the onset of deep fake videos that blur the line between truth and falsehood, to advanced algorithms that can beat the best players in the world in multiplayer poker.

Businesses harness AI capabilities to improve analytic processing; city officials tap AI to monitor traffic congestion and oversee smart energy metering. Yet a growing number of states are deploying advanced AI surveillance tools to monitor, track, and surveil citizens to accomplish a range of policy objectives—some lawful, others that violate human rights, and many of which fall into a murky middle ground.

IP Solutions

Reliability, robustness, scalability and real-time performance are key requirements of any networked IP Video Solution.  Vanguard has a wide variety of IP CCTV solutions that build on its reputation for providing complex yet highly reliable networking solutions, high-quality surveillance systems and its expertise in IP network integration. These solutions are composed of scalable products that can be quickly adapted to most requirements. Customized solutions are built on Vanguard's flexible IP framework. The entire solution is IP-based and provides a high level of flexibility and scalability.

Benefits of Vanguard’s IP Video Solution

  • Provides a high level of flexibility and scalability
  • Integrates with other Security Systems
  • Full range solution including Cameras, NVR, DVR and Video management platform
  • Built in Quality of Service and Bandwidth management 
  • Support Vanguard and Non-Vanguard Cameras
  • Cost effective and reliable IP Security Solutions
Intelligence of Things

Individually, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies. When you combine AI and IoT, you get AIoT—the artificial intelligence of things.

You can think of internet of things devices as the digital nervous system while artificial intelligence is the brain of a system.

Video Analytics

Vanguard video analytics, or intelligent video analytics, is software that is used to monitor video streams in near real-time. While monitoring the videos, the software identifies attributes, events or patterns of specific behavior via video analysis of monitored environments. Video analysis software also generates automatic alerts and can facilitate forensic analysis of historical data to identify trends, patterns and incidents.

The software enables its users to analyze, organize and share any insight gained from the data to make smarter, better decisions. It can promote enhanced coordination across and within agencies and organizations. Its applications are widespread, including monitoring vehicle patterns or violations of traffic laws, or people entering restricted areas during defined time frames. The data can then be sorted by time and date or over an extended time period to create a trend analysis.

A simple function of video analytics is motion detection with a fixed background. More technical functions can include ego-motion estimation (the 3D motion of a camera within an environment) and video tracking. From here can come identification (such as a specific vehicle—worst case scenario one in an Amber Alert) and behavior analysis. The technology used to accomplish video analytics include sensors, cameras, image compression techniques and connectivity techniques.

The data derived from video analytics is designed to produce actionable intelligence to help enable city or infrastructure planners, law enforcement, or even managers and administrators to understand and respond to current situations. Other industries that have used video analytics applications also include education, transportation, banking and financial institutions, law enforcements, security agencies, military and government industries.

Intelligence Video Analytics uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of video. It digitally analyzes video inputs; transforming them into intelligent data which help in taking decisions.

Transportation Monitoring

The transportation domain is beginning to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mission-critical tasks (for example, self-driving vehicles carrying passengers) where the reliability and safety of an AI system will be under question from the general public. Major challenges in the transportation industry like capacity problems, safety, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy are providing ample opportunity (and potential for high ROI) for AI innovation.

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) or Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the present, not the future of technology development, that has a wide array of applications, from traffic enforcement to tracking stolen vehicles and to parking access control systems. The technology has gone through improvements year by year until machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) have uncovered new ways for progress.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions mission is to enable intelligent transportation and traffic monitoring systems aimed at developing smart city solutions. We provide solutions for connected police vehicles, traffic signals, smart cities, VMS signs, traffic cameras, metro solutions, police body worn cameras, people tracking, video analytics and more! For your business, owning an individually tailored ALPR solution means the injection of technology in traditional approaches. The tech-based approach can grant you advanced data processing capabilities, methods to optimize routine tasks, and state-of-the-art tools to expedite output and add value to workflows.

Mobile (ALPR) cameras can be often seen attached to police vehicles, they can capture license plates, time, date and can help the police monitor city areas were citizens are alarmed. ANPR cameras can record at any time of the day and at any weather conditions. Thus, they have multi-purpose applications, involving transportation, traffic and highway management systems, crime prevention and tracking, detection of stolen vehicles, recovery of stolen or lost license plates, and more.

Security Scanners

Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers different types of security scanning solutions including X-Ray scanners.

The technology, based on ferromagnetic detection can be thought of as ferrous only metal detection. The large majority of items of interest e.g. knives, cell phones, guns etc., contain significant amounts of ferrous material. The technology is entirely passive and so presents no health and safety issues to any subject being scanned.

The Dual Energy Security Baggage X-Ray Scanner System is an ideal solution for inspection of handbags and small baggage within the limited space & unequipped inspection area, ideally for airport checkpoint, embassies, hotels, and government buildings.

The TR360 search pole scanner is perfect for scanning large numbers of individuals at a wide range of events and occasions e.g. public buildings, public events, licensed premises and schools. Its portability, ease of use and reliability provides control and flexibility whatever the venue. It can be used indoors and outdoors and can be set up by one person in less than a minute and is powered either by battery or mains. It does not require level ground and will operate on any static surface.


Industrial, manufacturing and commercial and security solutions prevents unauthorized persons from gaining physical access to critical components using a number of different methods and security solutions.

Due to increased competition and changing government regulations, it places more scrutiny on business security systems. To help meet these modern challenges and security requirements for manufacturers. Vanguard Integrated Solutions can evaluate, assess and customize a security solution that can help manage and monitor inventory, business operations, protect employees, guests, contractors, and secure the business from the outside in.

Security starts with conventional building access and extends to securing of sensitive areas, Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers a customized and tailored industry security solution and services include processes and guidelines based on required regulations for comprehensive protection.

These range from risk analysis and the implementation and monitoring of suitable measures to regular updates. Vanguard Integrated Solution provides end-to-end Industrial Security Solutions.


Today, hospitals and medical facilities need more protection. The nature of their business poses unique security challenges that can leave them susceptible to theft and internal misuse. From sensitive medical records and high-value clinical equipment to pharmaceutical and medical inventories, healthcare security has become top priority and is imperative when addressing issues of theft, organized crime, fire and life safety issues and more.

Patients’ needs peace of mind knowing that their information is safe with a security system that can protect patients’ information and access. Vanguard Integrated Solutions can customize a security solution that can help protect patients, employees, visitors and protect the business from the risk of liability.


Vanguard Integrated Solutions has the security solutions that can help monitor who is on your campus and meet the modern demands of school safety and regulations.

Due to new laws and security regulations, the modern demands for school safety are calling for advanced security solutions to provide peace of mind to parents and to help protect students and faculty. In order to protect the most critical assets, (students, teachers, staff members and parents), schools need a security solution that can keep an eye on who has access to campus and when.

Security Integration

“Security system integration” also refers to the trend within a growing number of organizations to merge physical security applications, such as access control, and logical security applications, such as biometric identification programs and facial recognition surveillance that allow employees to use the corporate network, into a single, comprehensive system.

Integrating different elements of an organization’s physical and logical security systems offers a range of benefits. For starters, it provides a more comprehensive approach to security that’s less vulnerable to incidents and better able to respond if one occurs.

Access Control

Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers different types of Access Control security solutions, starting from standalone simple Access Control systems suitable for offices, residential buildings and small retail stores, to complex facial recognition system.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions complex and advanced facial recognition and biometric Access Control systems suitable for multi-door and multi-site installations such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, government institutions including attendance tracking and much more.

Access Control Facial Recognition Solutions

  • Keypad Access System
  • Mobile Access System
  • Remote Access System
  • ID Badge Access System
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Facial Recognition Access
  • Security Turnstile Systems
  • Smart Card Access Control

Access Control Face Recognition + Temperature Detection Solution

  • Installed on smart access turnstile gate barrier
  • Face recognition terminal connected to barrier control board
  • Temperature control and face mask detection
  • Build-in barrier body to control mechanical and on-off signal 
Physical Security

Vanguard Integrated Solution is an approved certified security Integrator from local authorities including MCC and SIRA authorities and can offer different types of physical security solutions, including entrance security access, turnstile gate access, gate barriers and rod blockers.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions has partnered with industry best Road and Gate Barrier manufacturers that manages large commercial and logistic facilities, embassies, enforcement services and government institutions around the world.

Parking Management

Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers different parking management solutions that enables the efficient use of existing parking facilities, enhances the quality of service provided and security to users and improves design as a necessity at vital areas. 

With customized parking security management systems including automated LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems and gate barriers, security operators can control and monitor all parking spaces from entry to exit within a single screen or in the centralized control room.

Control Room

Vanguard Integrated Solutions customized monitoring solutions enables control room security operators to monitor and manage a complex system that might consist of multiple subsystems running on multi monitoring screens and across display devices from large video walls to customized furniture’s.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions have partnered with leading manufacturers to provide our clients a customized Control Room video wall, hardware and software solutions which are designed to work collaboratively to enable the seamless capture and display of inputs as well as incredible multi-functional flexibility when it comes to meeting your personal video wall specifications.

ATM Security

Vanguard has developed a fully unmanned security solution for ATMs and Banks. The system developed based on 3D sensors, a proprietary technology product of Vanguard can generate instantaneous alerts on occurrence of various types of abnormal events including attempts to sabotage of camera, sabotage of ATM etc.

Abnormal events are recorded and email as well as SMS alerts sent to concerned persons in real time in addition to beeper at ATM and control center. The security solution not only obviates the need of security personnel at the ATMs but also prevents occurrence of abnormal events before they happen.


Vanguard Integrated Solutions understands the unique needs of the financial sector and offers a reliable end to end integrated management and security solutions for the banking industry.

Smart Banking Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics and Video Surveillance Solutions boasts powerful, intelligent functionalities and security. These functionalities are embedded with advanced technology to help banks integrate their financial facilities, from branch offices, service centers to treasuries, into centralized monitoring stations.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions helps the banking industry conduct effective video surveillance of bank assets, manage the security of clients and personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATM areas with unwavering reliability.