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Vanguard VIS TC-3322

Vanguard VIS TC-3322 Thermal Camera

  • Thermal Network Value Hybrid Bullet Camera   
  • Featuring a dual lens fixed bullet camera
  • An all-in-one solution for capturing video surveillance (indoor and outdoor) applications.
  • Thermal and Visible Technology for perfect solution for dark, small area monitoring applications
  • Series combines one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness
  • Vsible camera with Smart IR for confirming details
  • Uncooled Vox Technology, because of small size and better performance, it’s cost-effective solution for thermal security.
  • High Sensitivity: High thermal sensitivity(<50mK) makes cameras capture more image details and temperature difference information.
  • Active deterrence is to warn off intruders actively with white light and siren even before users are aware of the incidence
  • Once an intrusion is detected, the white light will turn on and the siren will buzzer to alert the intruder
  • White light and configurable siren