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Access Control

Vanguard Integrated Solutions offers different types of Access Control security solutions, starting from standalone simple Access Control systems suitable for offices, residential buildings and small retail stores, to complex facial recognition system.

Vanguard Integrated Solutions complex and advanced facial recognition and biometric Access Control systems suitable for multi-door and multi-site installations such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, government institutions including attendance tracking and much more.

Access Control Facial Recognition Solutions

  • Keypad Access System
  • Mobile Access System
  • Remote Access System
  • ID Badge Access System
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Facial Recognition Access
  • Security Turnstile Systems
  • Smart Card Access Control

Access Control Face Recognition + Temperature Detection Solution

  • Installed on smart access turnstile gate barrier
  • Face recognition terminal connected to barrier control board
  • Temperature control and face mask detection
  • Build-in barrier body to control mechanical and on-off signal